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  WoW Rogue Kejh
At home in the shadows and skilled at disappearing from sight, the Rogues of Azeroth are most comfortable when acting in the background. Twisting events to their favor, striking only when advantage is greatest: this is where a Rogue excels. With their cunning tricks, physical abilities, and mastery of concealment and disguise, Rogues have no trouble finding employment as thieves, cutthroats, spies, and assassins.

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Best gear for rogue: Go for Agility and a bit of stamina. for the best DPS output agility is the best source.

At higher levels the stamina often comes with the gear so try to get as much agility as possible.

While leveling tough i´d rather go for stamina as the DPS output does not affect that much in short fights. And the extra health helps you survive longer wich is good as you don´t want to bandage and eat too much.

Raid 3.1
Mutilate what to think about (51/13/7)
Combat three different (15/51/5) (7/51/13) (18/51/2)

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The story of Kejh is long it has been a almost a year since he took his first steps in Azeroth. He has been successfull in his progress and is now part of one of the largest guilds on the realm, "Carpe Omnius". He's a level 70 Undead, Rogue.

The story of Kejh... From bones to bones with armor...

Chapter 1, "First glance of a Hero"

Once upon a time... Kejh join the mighty forces of the forsaken... he together with a friend warlock they took there first steps out of Deathknell...

It was a foggy night, as allways in Lordaeron, and the moon glancing towards the undeads not so well shaped faces... one with a missing lower jaw and the others hair tended to keep as far away from the body a possible. With a knife in hand kejh started to free his way out of deatknell through the forces of uncontrolled undead creatures. Light forces of the scourge and some lost scarlets fell for the blade. Helping the locals out, getting some armor in return Kejh swiftly continued his journey.

Tirisfall Glades soon showed after the short walk through the guards of Deathknell. Looking left he sees a farm that one of the guards spoke about... and straight down the road he can see a sign "Agamand Mills <-- --> Brill". The mills is the first stop for the new born rogue. Just after the turn towards the mills he sees the farm again, to the left.

A pumpkin what a great meal, even though guarded by some scarlets. First encounter with this strange human templars/monks. He sneaks towards the field to see it full with scarlets. As backstabing the closest one he feel a chill breeze among the trees now the journey has begun...

Later that day he arrives at the inn, in the town of Brill. It´s small and almost half of the town is a graveyard. And is like a border towards the north. The inn is more alive then anything around in this part of the world, eccept of the butchers room =P.
At the top floor Kejh finds Marion Call. She helps him discover the basic how to handle a dagger, and in the ways of how to deal with the scarlets, undead and even more dangerous monsters that might come in the way during Kejh´s many journeys that lies ahead.

Even though Kejh is a forsaken he and many with him is "dying" to explore the art of alchemy and make new discoveries. Undercity, the capital of the forsaken even got one of there sections just for this skill. Even though the forsaken generally tries to focus on curses/and diceases to immobalize there targets. There experiments often seems to be different ways of making target loose the self control to let the sarcastic forsaken have some fun doing it.

As Kejh was leaving the inn he looks towards the horizon, just up the hill to the S,SW he sees an odd tower with strange flying objects. As he starts walking towards the tower still wondering one of the objects starts to move as it lets out an odd whirling sound. Kejh still amased of what he has seen continues towards his goal, on the other side of the hill, the huge forsaken city of Undercity.

Chapter 2, "The great city"

Walking down the hill the walls of the old castle rises by every step. The road leads forward and up towards the entrance. As i get closer the walls seems to be even more powerfull than from a distance, a strong wipe through the body. The walls sice might be mental to as magic is strong here, not in a nica way though.

Getting through the main entrance i take my first step into a ibce mighty place even the lack of living things this place got power i can feel it through my veins.

As i get through the second entrance a great Throne room gets in sight. It´s round quite small. The throne is barely above ground level. In the middle the is a beem that lights some strange signs on the floor.

On either side of the throne doorless entrances leads deaper into this capital of dead (undead). Getting through the one on the right i hear a strange sound. Feel good not to smell as i the odour of this place must be horrible. A blue creature gets in sight, some kind of guardian i think. I pass them still a bit scared as i know they will kill me if they want to. Happy to be in the elevator i finally might get to see this kingdom of deaths most sacret place.

I get out of the elevator turn left and now i see the center of death, it´s a mighty sight.

Undercity Capitol of Death, Capitol of Mine. I know i will spend lots of time in this city in the near future.

Chapter 3, "Yes it´s a big city"

As i walk into the huge middle i get the look for somebody to ask where the inn is located. I see a huge creature looks like a cow i a way. As i don´t know it´s name i gently asks,
"Excuse me mighty one, where do i find the inn?"
The creature inspects me as he says,
"On this upper circle there is an inn, as i allwaysget lost finding it that is the best description i can give you"
"Thank you", i say.
I walk around the top floor to follow what the creature said. I pass lots of small shops on my way to the inn. When i´ve walked around almost all of the top floor i finally see my destination. The mailbox that marks the in and also the inn-keeper.

Story of Kejh by Kejh
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