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The Action house is one of the money makers of WoW.

This can be shown from my experience on Argent Dawn [EU] where my level 15 character owns about 2000 gold and rising.

I can also say that I started working the AH on level 14 and started of with just a few silver or maybe 5g max.

What you will need to work the AH is some Add-ons that help you keep track on current AH prices.

Those can be found on

Ok so you've got the basics. What is it now you should do?

You just need short peeks on the AH and depending on how much time you have you can check more often. The ideal time vs money is to check onece every 48 hours sell the stuff you've won and bid on new things. You should focus on the items under the trade tab. Those are the once selling quite frequently and the elemental, herbs, ores, cloth, leather, enchanting and gems.

Search the market and sort by bid price, here you can find those deals that make you a profit. Normally there are BO that are according to market but the bid can be 50% less. This turns out to be that you can win one of those bids undercut and still come out with 30-70% higher price and still keeping below market price. Also scan teh market for those low BO prices. it will not get you the high margin but will not let you wait to get the item of choice in your hand. GL

Wildhorn on wowhead says this about Professions and AH.
"Here is the main list of crafted items that will sell well and allow you to make gold.
This is not an absolute list and I didnt post stuff that cost alot to craft. Also, on your server, some other items might sell good too (like on RP servers, some armor sell well because they look cool, even if stats are trash)

I am not responsible of server economy crash after people read this!

Some terms I use:
Social: For people who love to say "Hey, look at me!"
PvP: For World and BG PvP
Exploration: People who love to get to special place or take spectacular screenshots (yes there is a market for that)
Twinks: For PvP, but only working for "low" levels."

- Arcanite Bar (no transmute cooldown) for many crafts and some quests.
- Earthsiege Diamond & Skyflare Diamond (no transmute coodown)
- Titanium (no transmute cooldown)
- Epic Gems (Gem price - Mats cost = Transmute fee!)
- Swiftness Potion for PvP
- Elixir of Giant Growth for Social
- Elixir of Water Breathing for Exploration
- Swim Speed Potion for Exploration
- Free Action Potion for PvP
- Lesser Invisibility Potion & Invisiblity Potion for Exploration and PvP
- Great Rage Potion for PvP
- Catseye Elixir & Elixir of the Searching Eye for PvP
- Oil of Immolation for PvP
- Restorative Potion for Twinks.
- Elixir of Dream Vision for Exploration
- Living Action Potion for PvP
- Purification Potion for Twinks
- Ethereal Oil for Social
- Lesser Flask of Toughness for PvP
- Pygmy Oil for Social and Flask crafting
- Elixir of Water Walking for Social and PvP
- Wotlk Flasks: Atack Power, Mana, Hitpoints, Spellpower
- Elixir of Shadow Power for Warlock Quest
- Strong Troll's Blood Elixir for Horde Quest
- Minor Mana Potion + Elixir of Minor Fortitude for Alliance Quest
- Frost Oil for Both Side Quest
- Elixir of Fortitude for Alliance Quest


- Enchanting Rods for Enchanters
- Iron Buckle for Leatherworkers
- Inlaid Mithril Cylinder for Engineers
- Tank 70 Set for PvE
- Tank 74-78 Set + Shield 73 for PvE
- Ornate Set for PvP
- Savage Set for PvP
- Chest Warding & Shield Warding for PvP and PvE
- Weapon Chain for PvP
- Shield Spike for AoE farming
- Mithril Spurs for Twinks
- Weightstones & Sharpeningstone for Twinks
- Iron Counterweight for Twinks
- Eternal Belt Buckle
- Heavy Grinding Stone for Darkmoon Faire
- Dense grinding Stone for Darkmoon Faire
- Green Iron Bracers for Darkmoon Faire


- Spell Power & Mana oils for Twinks
- Get a Jewelcrafter to craft this & that and disenchant them if material cost is lower than Dream Shard. There are some other items from other professions with cheap material that grant a 100% Dream Shard. Some greens items got their amount of dust and essence increased. I wont track them all, but you should look for them. Compare material cost - disenchanted material price = profit you will make. (Since LFD, shard price is way too low to be profitable)
- Enchant Vellums and sell them. The big sellers for twinks are:
-- Crusader
-- Fiery
-- Spellpower
-- Mongoose
-- Major Spellpower
-- Exceptional Spellpower
-- Staff Spellpower
-- Minor Speed
-- Boar's Speed
-- Cat's Swiftness
-- Tuskarr's Vitality


- Zapthrottle Mote Extractor coupled with mining is awesome
- Scopes
- Projectiles
- CTR for Social
- Tonk for Social
- Fireworks & Rockets for Social
- Flares for Social
- Pets for Social
- Spyglass for Exploration
- Ice & Flame Deflector for PvP
- VAM for Twinks
- Ez-Thro 1 & 2 for PvP
- Deadly Blunderbuff for Horde Quest
- Advanced Target Dummy for Both Side Quest
- Gyrochronatom for Both Side Quest
- Mythril Casing for Both Side Quest
- Overcharged Capacitor for Alliance Quest
- Bronze Tube for Alliance Quest & Alliance Rogue Quest
- Copper Modulator for Darkmoon Faire
- Green Firework for Darkmoon Faire
- Mechanical Repair Kit for Darkmoon Faire
- Thorium Widget for Darkmoon Faire
- Whirring Bronze Gizmo for Darmoon Faire


- No real trick here. Lichbloom is usually the herb that sell for the highest.


- Milling because some people do not like to push a button over and over for 10-15 minutes they will pay to get their milling done.
- Vellums for Enchanters
- Snowfall Ink & Ink of the Sea if you dont want to bother with Glyph Industry
- Wolf Book for Social
- Runescroll of Fortitude
- Glyph Industry Guide
Note: It is called a scribe! Not an inscriptionist, not a glypher, not an inscriptionalist (yeah i saw it once), it is a scribe!


- Prospecting because some people do not like to push a button over and over for 10-15 minutes they will pay to get their prospecting done.
- Heavy Silver Ring for Twinks
- Aquamarine Signet for Twinks
- Malachite Pendant for Twinks (only available neck before PvP one)
- Ornate Tigerseye Necklace for Twinks (only available neck before PvP one)
- Lens for Social
- About what gems to craft, it is server dependent. You will have to browse AH yourself to figure out which one sell good on your server. Warning: Some gems are listed with a high price, but never sell.
But here is a list of the most common gem type people will use (so buy):

- Runed (Spell Power)
- Bold (Strenght)
- Bright (Attack Power)
- Precise (Expertise Rating)

- Solid (Stamina)
- Stormy (Spell Penetration)

- Mystic (Resilience)
- Rigid (Hit Rating)
- Thick (Defense Rating)

- Balanced (Attack Power/Stamina)
- Glowing (Spell Power/Stamina)
- Mysterious (Spell Power/Spell Penetration)
- Sovereign (Strenght/Stamina)

- Enduring (Defense/Stamina)
- Steady (Resilience/Stamina)
- Tense (Hit Rating/Spell Penetration)
- Vivid (Hit Rating/Stamina)

- Accurate (Hit Rating/Expertise Rating)
- Champion's (Strenght/Defense Rating)
- Durable (Spell Power/Resilience)
- Resolute (Expertise Rating/Defense Rating)

For Meta, most common are:
- Chaotic Skyflare Diamond > Relentless Earthsiege Diamond > Austere Earthsiege Diamond


- Armor Kits
- Leg Armor
- King & Wild Drums
- Eviscerator's Set for PvP
- Overcaster Set for PvP
- Stormhide Set for PvP
- Swiftarrow Set for PvP
- Stylin' Hats for Social
- Heavy Leather Ball for Social
- Riding Crop for Twinks
- Hillman's Cloak for Alliance Quest
- Rugged Armor Kit for Darkmoon Faire


- Titanstell Smelt (Titansteel Bar Price - Mats cost = Smelt fee!)
- Buy Earth and Fire Primals to Earth Shatter & Fire Shatter and resell the motes (if motes sell for more than primals, which most of time they do).
- Check AH price of ore and bars. If bars sell for more than ore, buy ore and smelt them into bars to resell.
- Thorium Ore usually sell for very high. Best place to farm is usually Silithus
- Mithril Ore is the new Thorium Ore since they added a tons of Thorium vein in Ungoro. Best place to farm is usually Tanaris.


- Try to find a spot where you know people are questing and the quests require alot of animal killing. Sholazar Basin is usually the best zone.
- In Icecrown if you do not have started the Argent Vanguard quest chain, there are tons of Nerubians that will grant you alot of Nerubian Chitin
- In Borean Tundra the rhino will give you some leather, but also alot of meat which sell good in AH.
- For lower level:
-- Knothide Leather -> Anywhere in Outland, but Nagrand is the best
-- Rugged Leather -> Any Dinosaur in Un'goro Crater
-- Thick Leather -> Turtles
-- Heavy Leather -> Yeti and Hippogryph
-- Medium Leather -> Yeti
-- Light Leather -> Anywhere in Barrens... you can even enjoy the chat >.>


- Ebonweave, Monnshround and Spellweave
- Azure, Shining, Brillant and Sapphire Spellthread
- Frostsavage Set for PvP
- Bolt of Frostweave & Bolt of Imbued Frostweave usually sell for more than raw cloth.
- Bag. Wont sell for much, but they sell very fast. So even with 1-2g profit, if you sell 100, it is 100-200g profit.
- Bolt of Woolen Cloth for Alliance Quest


General Tips:

- Greedy Goblin Essentials. You can either read them and become a rich goblin or not read them and be a poor M&S
- Do not list your stuff in AH one by one. Put them in stack of 2, 5, 10 or 20. This way most undercutter wont see that you undercut them, but people who buy the stuff will see that your stuff is cheaper.
- Do not undercut by 1 copper/silver. Undercutting by 5-10% make your stuff sell faster because people see a "huge" drop in the price and they think they make a deal.
- Buy gathered material the week-end. M&S farm them weekend, so it increase the supply, so decrease price.
- Sell social items week-end too, because it is at that time they play too.
- Sell consumable/useful crafted items during weekday, tuesday and wednesday are the best. That's the raiders play time.

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