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  WoW Rogue Kejh
  Quest Chains
Name Level Zone Total Quests Other Start
A Bundle Of Hides 10 The Barrens
Thunder Bluff
#4 (H)
Tauren Only
Johan Hawkwing
You will travel by the Wind Rider from crossroads to deliver a bundle of hides to Ahunu in Thunder Bluff. He will prepare the goods that you will have to deliver back to the Crossroads.
A Dark Threat Looms 18-20 Loch Modan
#7 (A) Chief Engineer Hinderweir VII
Inspect if there is a threat against the Dam in Loch Modan. You will find some strange blasting powder. The guardian at the Thandol Span in Wetlands will have to take a closer look as he is an explosive expert. You will recieve a disarm device and a list of objects you need to make the blasting powder harmless. Collect the three other components and disarm the bomb. Return to the Dam to collect your reward:
Dwarwen Tree Chopper or Thornblade
A Fishy Peril 10 Elvynn Forest #7 (A) Remy "Two Times"
Remy "Two Times" wants you to convince the local guard captain that the murlocs are also a big threat, as they eat the fish, and not just the Gnolls and Bandits. Marshal Dughan sends you to Guard Thomas to look into the matter. He has sent two gourds north up the river to investigate. You find one of the gourds dead by the lake and the other is in the murloc village to the east. Guard Thomas sends you back to Goldshire so that you can get more troops to deal with the murlocs. The marshal will hand you a note that will give you a piece of armor to use defending elwynn.
Reward: Well-stitched Robe or Patched Pants
A Free Lunch 15 Redridge Mountains #3 (A) Darcy
Help out the relation between Darcy and Guard Parker by giving Parker his lunch and then buy flowers for Darcy in return.
Reward: Souteed Sunfish
Zorus the Judicator 67-70 Shattrath City
Shadowmoon Valley
#8 (A) Fantei
Help Zorus collect information about the ghosts of Shadowmoon Valley. Zorus think that there is great power beneath the area Wildhammer Strongholde is built on therefor he wants you to collect samples around the area. He will give you a pair of googles the can be used to kill of some of the orc sprits that might be a threat to the settlement. To get more information about the ancient spirits speak to Teron Gorefiend. He wants you to collect his armor, cloak and truncheon. This can be done in any order. Though it may be a tough task as you have to face some fearsome and big monsters. For the armor you have to kill Vhel'kur, a dragon. It may need some backup to kill as it got 104,790 HP. To get the Cloak head you have to kill the mobs just outside the entrance to the Black Temple. Those spirits where about to be sent to the hellfire citadel as prisoners, but where murdered in cold blood by Gorfiend. The truncheon drops from one of the four Spirit Riders around where Gul'dan is located. Those where also slaugthered by Gorfiend and now await there masters return. When returning to the Spirit he reveals himself as Gorfiend and with his possesions returned he can now break free. Kill the Keeper by using Teron Gorfiend as your pet. Upon returning to Zorus he becomes furious about your actions but gives you a helmet of your choice that except of being blue also gives you the ability to see the ghosts.
Reward: Evoker's Helmet of Second sight, Stealther's Helmet of Second sight, Stalker's Helmet of Second sight, Druidic Helmet of Second sight, Shamanistic Helmet of Second sight, Overlord's Helmet of Second sight
Preparing the Salve 61 Hellfire Peninsula #2 (H) Grelag
Grelag in Southern Hellfire Peninsula has investigated the nearby org camp but got detacted and almost caught. He escaped but got a bit injured. He wants you to bring him some herbs that will ease the pain.
After you have collected the herbs Grelag will tell you story. It was when he was injured out in the wastes he saw a goblin zeppelin crash. You will have to look for survivors.
A Humble Task 1 Mulgore #5 (H) Chief Hawkwind
The local tribe leader in Red Cloud Mesa wonders where his mom has gone. She has been gone all day and where just about to go to teh water well nearby. You will find here right next to the well. She will explain that she is old and that for old people even the most humble task can be tough and can gain recognition by the elders. 
A New Cloak's Sheen  38 Feralas #3  (H) Krueg Skullsplitter
Help Krueg Skullsplitter collect Iridescent Sprite Darter Wing for a new cloak for his master in Orgrimmar. As you return the Wings you tell him about the Grimtotem clan that are in the area. He tells you about another of his masters set a bounty on the clan and you are sent of collecting there horns. Krueg Skullsplitter will put the horns in a crate and you are sent back to Orgrimmar to collect your reward and report your observations.
Reward: Battlehard Cape or Jademoon Orb.
 The Gordunni Scroll 38  Feralas  #3  (H) Gordunni Scroll
 Found in the Gordunni Camp this scroll holds information about some kind of Ritual. Rok Orhan is very interrested in your finding too. You are sent back into the camp to get a Gordunni Orb from one of the mages. This orb will be a tool in defeating the ogres. You get to give the orb to Uthel'nay in Orgrimmar, but he won't give you more answers than that the orb is powerfull.
War on the Woodpaw  39  Feralas  #4 (H) Hadoken Swiftstrider

 You are sent out to kill counter the attacks against the camp. And after bringing the manes as token, Hadoken say to you that you are a good soldier and that the Woodpaw seems to be more despearate about moving north. He orders you to attack swiftly to kill of there leaders as this will cause disorder in the ranks. Upon returning you, again, get some nice words and then you are sent to investigate why the Woodpaws are desperate. And this before they can raise there numbers again.
The battle plans are in the center camp. Examining the map reveals it to be the battle plans that Hadoken Swiftstrider wants. Numerous arrows that perhaps represent troop movements are drawn on the map, though most seem to be headed toward the south rather than to the north where Camp Mojache lies.
Another section of the map has a picture of what you think is a large insect of some kind, with various tick marks under it. From the looks of the gnolls, it perhaps represents their losses against the unknown bugs...
Hadoken is pleased about you bringing the battle plans. Though he can't understand much of it he does say that it seems that the gnolls are fighting at two fronts and mostly in the south against this bug foe.
Reward: Earthclasp Barrier or Rushridge Boots

The chain also opens two post quests Zukk'ash Infestation and Stinglasher
Here you are sent to reduce there numbers and prove so by bringing back Zukk'ash Carrapace to Hadoken. The scounts also report about this bigger creature that they named Stinglasher. Get his Glands so that Camp Majache can use this to create antidotes.

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