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  Ragefire Chasm

Ragefire Chasm was first discovered by Chief Goblin Engineer Gazlowe, during Rexxar's visit to Orgrimmar. Beneath the city of Orgrimmar lies this fiery chasm. Recently, a clan of troggs known as Ragefire Troggs have begun to appear in the chasm, from deep below the lava-filled tunnels. Magatha the Seer, of the tauren people, attempted to make peace with these creatures, but was met only with hostility. It was clear that these troggs were not interested in diplomacy, and could potentially overwhelm the entire Horde if left unchecked.

A sect of the mysterious Shadow Council has also taken refuge in this chasm. This sect is known as the Searing Blade, and is led by Taragaman the Hungerer, a felguard; Jergosh the Invoker, a powerful warlock; and Bazzalan, a satyr. From their dark hiding place, they plot to overthrow and destroy all that the Horde has built for themselves in these lands.

[12]Hidden Enemies quest chain starts at Thrall in Orgrimmar.

He is concerned about that there may be corruption and disloyalty within the lines. Therefor, not to step on anyones toes, you are to check this out.

One thing I will not tolerate are traitors in our midst. But I would be a fool to play my hand so early. It would not sufficiently cut the corruption out of our lands and only cause the infection to grow worse.

But you, a young adventurer, could go places my agents could not... could learn the truth... could find the true head of the beast.

If you are brave enough, then enter Skull Rock to the east of Orgrimmar, find a lieutenant's insignia off one of the Burning Blade there, and return to me.

Asking Thrall for more information about the insignina he says this.

It will be a vital tool in infiltrating what I believe is the greatest threat to the Horde, and finally finding peace in our new home.
You will learn how intricate a web men and orcs alike can weave when they are motivated by greed and power. The hidden agendas, the corruption, all of it will become clear. You will find yourself in the midst of a war you never knew existed.

Sounds like Thrall might use the insignina to send an infiltraitor against this "Burning Blade" cult. So after bringing back the insignia you will get this information:

Good! The spirits be praised, perhaps you are the one who will finally put my greatest fears to rest! Who would suspect someone so young and so brave would rise up and champion our cause? You remind me of myself when I was younger. I will ensure that you are justly rewarded for your efforts if we both survive the coming storm.
But there is time for more praise later. You've not accomplished anything in comparison to what you will face... but this is a good start.
There is a warlock within the city who believes he has my trust. He does not know that I realize where his true loyalties lie. He is in fact the leader of the Burning Blade. But do not rush off to do battle with him; he has a purpose, and we shall use him against our enemies.
Take this insignia to him in the Cleft of Shadow here in Orgrimmar, speak to him and see if he believes you are one of his own, then return to me here.

Neeru Fireblade the one Thrall is speaking about i found next to the entrance to the chasm. 

Our great Warchief knows this, and to prove that there are warlocks within the Horde who do not wish to destroy it from within or gain control over it, I have volunteered to aid our young leader in anway I can.
-You may speak frankly, Neeru...
Ahh, one of our own. It is good to see our numbers are growing so rapidly that I can no longer keep track of the faces of our members .
That fool Thrall thinks I am working hard to cleans the image of warlocks and prove we are his servants. Idiot! The Burning Legion will make ash of this entire world after it drains it completely.
-It is good to see the Burning Blade is taking over where the Shadow Council once failed.
Naive fool. The Burning Blade IS the Shadow Council! There are may cults and organizations under the Council's rule, but all of them are just extensions of their will. I may lead the Burning Blade, but I am still just as much a pawn to the Council as you are to me!
Look at the Searing Blade--most of them think they are becoming the next rising group of powerful warlocks that they will replace the Shadow Council.
-So the Searing Blade is expendable?
Haha! Save for their leaders--the satyr, Bazzalan, and the warlock Jergosh--yes, all of them. That is why I constantly send Thrall's worshippers at them. It gives Thrall the impression that I am weeding out the evil in the bowels of his great city. The victory is in reality two-fold: kill Thrall's faithful and test the strength of those in the Searing Blade to see if they are truly worthy of joining me.
-If there is anything you would have of me...
I will make it known to you. You are obviously already proving yourself in our ranks to become a lieutenant so quickly. Perhaps you can return to me later and I will have tasks for you. The council adores those skilled in the arcane, but servants of all kinds are always welcome, no matter their profession.

Before you reveal yourself as a member of the Burning Blade he is very reserved and does not say much. He spoils that the Council is the main faction but that it has other cults under it's wings, such as the Burning Blade. He also reveals his purpose of being "loyal" too Thrall, to test the strength of the Searing Blade. The information that Thrall was right not to trust Neeru. He sends you to kill of those members that may be vluable for Neeru but points that you are not to reveal your true loyalty to Neeru.

Killing the leaders seems to be a backslash for Neeru. He are still friendly towards you though and he also sees that he might have done a bit wrong sending to many people into the chasm. He lets you know that just because of the failure in the chasm does not hurt the whole organisation that much. It also has posts in The Barrens and in Ashenvale. Opon retuning to Thrall he seems to be stalled about Ashenvale as he haven't heard of the blade being there. you will be revarded with a Weapon for your service.

Kris of Orgrimmar  
Hammer of Orgrimmar  
Axe of Orgrimmar  
Staff of Orgrimmar  

[16]Searching for the Lost Satchel is a short quest chain that sends you searching for a lost Tauren inside the Ragefire Chasm. He seems to have something of interest that he discovered inside the cave. You will be rewarded with a pair of bracers if you bring the satchel back.

Featherbead Bracers Mage, Warlock and Priests
Savannah Bracers Rogue Shaman Hunter and Druid
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